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  • 1778 Eight oared race

    Eight oared race, 'Chatham' versus 'Invincible', from Westminster to Richmond.
  • 1817 Church Boats

    Completion of church boats in Sweden
  • 1828 Cambridge University Boat Club founded

    Cambridge University Boat Club Founded

  • 1829 First Cambridge versus Oxford Boat Race

    The first University Boat Race is held at Henley-on-Thames
  • 1831 First world professional sculling championships

    First world professional sculling championships
  • 1831 The late champion sculler

  • 1836 Second University Boat Race

    At the second University Boat Race, Cambridge wear light blue and Oxford wear dark blue
  • 1839 Oxford University Boat Club founded

    Oxford University Boat Club founded
  • 1840 Old rowing race

  • 1857 Henley Bridge

  • 1867 8 rowers old photo

  • 1873 The sculling Championship - Sydney

  • 1884 old race picture from 1948

  • 1896 Atlantic crossing in rowing boat

    Two fishermen from New Jersey, Harbo and Samuelson, rowed from New York to Ireland in an open boat.

  • 1896 Athens Olympics

    Great Britain did not win any medals in rowing events

  • 1896 Old picture

  • 1900 Paris Olympics

    Gold medals

    1x George Ashe

  • 1900 Old race

  • 1904 St. Louis Olympics

    Great Britain did not win any medals in rowing events

  • 1905 First Australian Rowing Race

    First rowing race to be held in Australia took place in 1905
  • 1906 Foreign win at Henley

    The Belgians become the first foreigners to win the Grand Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta

  • 1906 Athens Olympics

    Great Britain did not win any medals in rowing events

  • 1908 First Olympic Games in Great Britain

    Gold medals

    1x Henry Blackstaffe
    2- Reginald Fenning/Gordon Thomson
    4- Magdalen College
    8+ Leander Club

    Silver medals

    1x Alexander McCulloch
    2- George Fairburn/Philip Verdon
    4- Leander Club


    Olympics should have been held in Rome but this was made impossible after Mount Vesuvius errupted in 1906 so London stepped in. Regatta held at Henley.

  • 1908 1908 London Olympic Games

  • 1908 Men rowers from 1908

  • 1911 Solo English Channel crossing

    Rev Sidney Swann crosses the English Channel, from Dover to Cap Gris-Nez in a time of 3 hours 50 minutes
  • 1912 Stockholm Olympics

    Gold medals

    1x William Kinnear
    8+ Leander Club

    Silver medals

    4+ Thames RC
    8+New College (Oxford)

  • 1912 4 rowers old picture

  • 1913 The Cambridge Crew 1908

  • 1919 Women's collegiate boat race

    First women's collegiate boat race took place between Cambridge's Newnham College Boat Club and the London School of Medicine for women
  • 1919 Henley 'Stewards' Enclosure opens

    This is the first year that a special enclosure is set up on the bank during Henley Royal Regatta. Only Stewards or guests of Stewards are permitted to watch the racing from this area

  • 1920 Antwerp Olympics

    Gold medals

    1x Jack Beresford
    8+ GB

  • 1920

  • 1920 foreground old women rowers

  • 1923 Women's Amateur Rowing Association formed

    The Women's Amateur Rowing Association was formed in 1923

  • 1924 Paris Olympics

    Gold medals

    1x Jack Beresford
    4- Charles Eley/James Macnabb/Robert Morrison/Terence Sanders

  • 1924 New course at Henley

    The present straight course of 1 mile 550 yards was introduced as the new race length at Henley Royal Regatta

  • 1926 Head of the River Race

    The Head of the River Race on the Thames was established
  • 1926 Formation of Oxford University Women's Boat Club

  • 1927 Boat Race broadcasted

    Oxford/Cambridge boat race broadcast by the BBC
  • 1927 First Women's Boat Race

    The first time Oxford women raced against the Cambridge women
  • 1928 Amsterdam Olympics

    Gold medals

    4- John Lander/Michael Warriner/Richard Beesly/Edward Bevan

    Silver medals

    2- Terence O'Brien/Robert Archibald Nisbet

    Bronze medals

    1x - Theodore David Collet

  • 1929 'Fixed seats should be abolished'

    'Fixed seats are an abomination, and should be abolished' Steve Fairbairn. His teaching and writing challenged orthodoxy and changed the coaching world
  • 1930 First Women's Head of the River Race

    First women's Head of the River Race held on the Thames
  • 1930 Women's side by side uni race

    1930 sees the first side by side race between Oxford University women and Cambridge University women

  • 1930 Female rowers

  • 1932 LA Olympics

    Gold medals

    2- Hugh 'Jumbo' Edwards/Lewis Clive
    4- John Badcock/ Hugh 'Jumbo' Edwards/Jack Beresford/ Rowland George

  • 1933 old single rower

  • 1936 Berlin Olympics

    Gold medals

    Jack Beresford/Leslie Southwood

    Silver medals

    4- Thomas Bristow/ Alan Barrett/Peter Jackson/John Duncan Sturrock

  • 1936 Definition of 'amateur changed'

    Amateur Rowing Association changed their definition of 'amateur'. This meant that manual labourers were now allowed to race in events they had previously been excluded from, ie Henley Royal Regatta

  • 1938 Boat Race is televised

    This is the first time the Boat Race is covered live on the television
  • 1941 Formation of Cambridge University Women's Boat Club

    Formation of Cambridge University Women's Boat Club

  • 1941-1945 Competetive rowing suspended

    Most competetive rowing was suspended during these years of WWII
  • 1942 Women rowers 1920's

  • 1948 Second Olympics held in Great Britain

    Gold medals

    2x Richard Burnell/Bertie Bushnell
    2-John Wilson/William Laurie

    Silver medals

    8+ GB


    Rowing Regatta for London Olympics held at Henley-on-Thames.

  • 1948 1948 London Olympic Games

  • 1951 FISA Regatta for Women

    First FISA sponsored regatta for women was held in France
  • 1951 Henley old picture

  • 1952 Helsinki Olympics

     Great Britain did not win any medals in rowing events

  • 1952 women rowers

  • 1954 European Championships for Women

    First European rowing Championships for women held in Amsterdam
  • 1954 Athletes from the Soviet Union race at Henley Royal Regatta

    Crews from the Soviet Union first come and race at Henley Royal Regatta
  • 1956 Melbourne Olympics

     Great Britain did not win any medals in rowing events

  • 1956 rower with rowing rowing machine

  • 1957 Power output measured

    John Harrison begins work on bow side and stroke side ergo meters to measure rowers' power output.

  • 1960 Rome Olympics

     Great Britain did not win any medals in rowing events

  • 1960 Macon blades designed

    Enlarged symmetrical 'macon' blades designed by Jumbo Edwards

  • 1960 Woman rower

  • 1962 FISA World Championships

    First FISA world rowing championships for men held in Lucerne
  • 1963 Women's Amateur Rowing Association integrated into the Amateur Rowing Association

  • 1964 Tokyo Olympics

    Silver medals

    4- John Russell/Hugh Wardell-Yerburgh/Bill Barry/John James

  • 1966 Atlantic crossed in rowing boat

    John Ridgway and Chay Blyth row 2,485 miles across the Atlantic from Cape Cod to Irishmore in 92 days

  • 1967 FISA Junior World Championships in Ratzeburg

    The first FISA Junior Regatta was held in Ratzeburg, Germany
  • 1967 Man rower

  • 1968 Mexico City Olympics

     Great Britain did not win any medals in rowing events

  • 1969 Solo Atlantic rowing boat crossing

    First solo crossing of the Atlantic by John Fairfax from Gran Canaria to Hollywood Beach, Florida in 180 days

  • 1969 Single scull made in carbon fibre

  • 1970 Introduction of Gamut ergo meters

    Gamut ergo meters are introduced as a training tool changes training methods in the USA
  • 1971 First crossing of the Pacific in a rowing boat

    First crossing of the Pacific by John Fairfax and Sylvie Cook from San Francisco to Hayman Island, Australia
  • 1972 Munich Olympics

     Great Britain did not win any medals in rowing events

  • 1972 Use of composite materials in building

    Empacher of Germany uses composite materials in building boats

  • 1973 Hatchet blades designed

    Carbon strips inserted in to the shafts of oars
  • 1974 FISA World Championships for women

    The first FISA World Championships for women and lightweight men held in Lucerne. The women's race distance was capped at 1000 metres

  • 1976 Montreal Olympics

    Silver medals

    8+ GB

  • 1976 First Women rowing at the Olympic Regatta

    Women raced 1000 metres at the Montreal Games
  • 1976 The first all - carbon fibre boat

    'Carbon Tiger', the first all-carbon fibre boat, eight built by Carbocraft, England

  • 1977 Masthead image

  • 1978 foreground Rowers

  • 1980 Moscow Olympics

    Silver medals

    8+ GB.

    Bronze medals

    2- Charles Wiggin/Malcolm Carmichael
    4- John Beattie/Ian McNuff/David Townsend/Martin Cross

  • 1981 First female in the Boat Race

    Sue Brown was the first woman to take part in the Oxford-Cambridge boat race. She was the cox of the Oxford crew
  • 1981 Females row at Henley Royal Regatta

  • 1982 First solo crossing of the Pacific in a rowing boat

    First solo crossing of the Pacific by P.Bird from San Francisco to Great Barrier Reef, Australia in 294 days
  • 1982 Harry Mahon begins an inspirational coaching career

    Harry Mahon coaches New Zealand to eight-oared world title and begins an inspirational coaching career in Canada, Great Britain and Switzerland

  • 1983 Ivor Lloyd crosses the English Channel

    Ivor Lloyd sets a new record for crossing the English Channel when he rows from Folkestone to Cap Gris-Nez in a time of 3 hours 35 minutes
  • 1984 LA Olympics

    Gold medals

    4+ Martin Cross/Richard Budget/ Andy Holmes/Steve Redgrave/Adran Ellison

  • 1984 Introduction of Concept2 ergometer

    Concept2 ergometer introduced, changing the way rowers train

  • 1984 Mike Spracklen begins an outstanding career

    Mike Spracklen coaches the Great Britain four to Olympic title, beginning an outstanding career in Canada and USA.
  • 1985 FISA World Championships for Lightweight Women

    Held in Hazewinkel
  • 1985 Women's race distance increased

    Women's race distance for all World Championship and Olympic Regattas increased to 2000m

  • 1986 Henley Royal Regatta lengthened

    Racing at Henley Royal Regatta takes place over five days which is how it stands now
  • 1988 Seoul Olympics

    Gold medals

    2- Andy Holmes/Steve Redgrave

  • 1988 Henley Stewards' Charitable Trust founded

    Foundation of Henley Stewards' Charitable Trust to encourage and support young people to row and scull
  • 1990 FISA World Cup

    Established for men's and women's singles
  • 1990 Creation of new federations

    The collapse of the Berlin Wall triggers the formation of a united German rowing federation. The formation of other independent rowing federations, such as Czechoslovakia, follows the break up of the Soviet Union

  • 1991 Jurgen Grobler appointed Great British rowing coach

    Jurgen Grobler appointed Great British rowing coach, subsequently leads British crew to gold medals in four consecutive Olympic games

  • 1991 Big Blades designed

    Dick and Peter Dreissigacker introduce Concept 2 asymmetrical Big Blades
  • 1992 Barcelona Olympics

    Gold medals

    2-Steve Redgrave/Matthew Pinsent
    2+ Jonathon Searle/Greg Searle/ Gary Herbet

  • 1993 Women race at Henley Royal Regatta

    Women's single sculls introduced to Henley Royal Regatta by invitation. Women are allowed to race in VIIIs in 1998 and quadruple sculls follow in 2001.

  • 1996 Atlanta Olympics

    Gold medals

    2- Steve Redgrave/Matthew Pinsent

    Bronze medals

    4- Rupert Obholzer/Jonathon Searle/ Greg Searle/Tim Foster


    Included men's and women's lightweight rowing.

  • 1996 Deborah Searle

  • 1998 Redgrave & Pinsent 96 Olympic boat.

  • 2000 Sydney Olympics


    4-James Cracknell/Steve Redgrave/Tim Foster/Matthew Pinsent. (Steve Redgrave retired from rowing this year)

    8+ GB


    Women's 4x Guin Batten/Gillian Lindsay/Katherine Grainger/Miriam Batten

    (First women's rowing medal for GB)

  • 2000 UK Olympic team for Sydney 2000

  • 2000 James Cracknell

  • 2004 Athens Olympics

    Gold medals

    4- Steve Williams/James Cracknell/Ed Coode/Matthew Pinsent

    Silver medals

    Women's 4x Alison Mowbray/Debbie Flood/Frances Houghton/Rebecca Romero Women's 2- Katherine Grainger/Cath Bishop

    Bronze Medals

    Women's 2x Sarah Winckless/Elise Laverick

  • 2004 Alison Mowbray

  • 2006 World champions 2006

  • 2008 Beijing Olympics

    Gold medals

    Men’s 4- Tom James/ Steve William/ Pete Reed/ Andy Tiggs-Hodge
    Men’s LWT 2X - Zac Purchase/Mark Hunter

    Silver medals

    Women’s 4x – Annie Vernon/Debbie Flood/Frances Houghton/Katherine Grainger
    Men's 8+ – Alex Partridge/Tom Stallard/ Tom Lucy/Richard Egington/Josh West/Alastair Heathcote/Matt Lamgridge/Colin Smith/Acer Nethecott

    Bronze medals

    Women’s 2x – Elise Laverick/Anna Bebington
    Men’s 2x – Matt Wells/Stephen Rowbotham

  • 2009 carrying a boat

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